About Me

Behind the blog. |    January 22,1991. While ashes were still falling down from the dark sky during the aftermath of the Mt. Pinatubo’s destructive eruption, a cute boy (ehem… I think that’s me) was born and that day, the good times started to roll…

New kid in town. |    Grew up in the fast living city of Angeles, Pampanga and studied in the most credible schools of the town (thanks to my parents) who lived an average life. I did what a responsible little boy needs to, studied well, being active and being involved. Now, I’m harvesting the fruits of my labor with God’s blessing.

The first part of me. |    I’m so thankful that the one above gave me such talents to enjoy and be my tool to help others. Being a musician is what I’m devoted to. Pressing  the smooth piano keys is my passion, strumming the hard strings of guitars is my past time, striking the deepest of cymbals and drums is what I’m into right now and blowing the classy saxophone is what I’m thinking to pursue in the future.

The second  part of me. |    The other half of me aside from being a musician is being an art loving guy. I love to take photos and design images. One of my plans in life is having my own professional camera ( w/c sure cost a lot) and take pictures of anything and everything. Painting is one of my dream but unfortunately, time is not giving me the opportunity to do such.

The last  part of me. |    Lastly, I’m a self-confessed tech-geek, obviously! An I.T. enthusiast, that’s why I’m taking up I.T. in college right now. Designing images and web works is what I love to do and landing on a stable job in the future is what will happen soon.=p

Aspirations and goals. |    I’m a God-fearing person and that would be my very best defense in facing this very young life of me. Being responsible is my oath and forever will I love those people that I have right now. I have a lot of goals in life and being rich is one of them.=p Kidding aside, I want to live my life at it’s best. No limits, just exceptions but above all, having fun and making the most out of everything is what will I sure do until I get old. My motto ever since? YOU MAKE YOUR OWN DESTINY. ALL CHOICES ARE RIGHT, IT’S JUST A MATTER OF BEING READY FOR THE CONSEQUENCES.

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